Periwinkle Dragonfly


At fourteen I started teaching swimming for Red Cross. When I moved to Germany I found work as an ESL instructor. I have always been drawn to teaching, and am passionate about the classroom—the students, the subject matter, the learning process. I am also catching up with the 21st century and am moving into the virtual classroom online. I am always interested in teaching opportunities, online, long-distance, or in the classroom.

My academic curriculum vitae

The short resume version

Courses I have taught:

Syllabi (in downloadable pdf format)

Syllabi (quick online look):

• Composition

Remedial / Developmental

Freshman Composition

UC Berkeley, Comparative Literature* (two semesters)
Mount Ida (two semesters)
Diablo Valley (one semester)

Critical Thinking / Introduction to Logic and Argumentation

• Cultural Studies

Introduction to the Humanities
Social Perspectives on Illness and Disease

• Film

Introduction to Film Studies
Cultural Diversity in American Film

• German*

First and Second Semester: UC Berkeley
Second and Third Semester: Hamilton College
Introduction to German Literature (in German): Hamilton College


Foucault for Beginners and Others
Literature of Death and Dying
Literature from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

• Philosophy

Comparative Religions


• Russian*

Second Semester: Hamilton College
Russian Literature: Modernism

• Sexuality

Introduction to Human Sexuality (junior year)
Human Sexual Diversity (gradate level)

* Syllabi for these courses are pre-computer era and paper copies are on file in my personal papers at Cornell.