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Call for Submissions Bear Book 3

posted by on 05.02.2016, under Bear History Project

It has been nearly 20 years since the publication of Bear Book II. The bear phenomenon has exploded world-wide and worked its way into mainstream popular culture. Bear Book 3 seeks to bring up to date the international development and speed of bear culture, the ideas of bears, e.g. in the mass media. Bear websites and other cyberspace, bear films, bear music, alternative bear culture, e.g. Bear Your Soul at Easton Mountain, the rise of a bear party circuit, bear clubs and events, muscle bears, transbears, disabled, bears, bears of color, theoretical bears and bear space, among other historical and social topics. No fiction or poetry please.

Submissions and inquiries may be submitted to the editor Les K. Wright at Submissions should be submitted as documents in Microsoft WORD format.

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