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Humboldt State Calling!

posted by on 04.22.2011, under News

I have passed the preliminary interview and subject matter testing for the Secondary Education Credential Program at Humboldt State University. I have also received student teaching placement at a local public high school and am awaiting my interview with the placement committee. I have also been offered a financial aid award (primarily student loans), which will make this feasible.

Portland Stater, unfortunately, has continued to throw up additional obstacles, additional fees, additional trips to Portland to comply with newly announced requirements. This reached such a state of inconvenience and outright “un-do-ability,” that I was obligated to withdraw my application from that program. Since I had not heard from their financial aid office, and was dubious as to receiving enough aid to cover out-of-state tuition, it seemed provident to move forward with the much more use-friendly option of pursuing Humboldt State.