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Portland, Oregon Calling!

posted by on 02.09.2011, under News

Yesterday I received a Conditional Letter of Acceptance to the high school Teacher Credentialing [GTEP] program in the Graduate Department of Education at Portland State University. It is a one-year program that begins in the Summer Quarter 2012.

I seek to be certificated to teach German and English/Language Arts in the Oregon public school system. My personal goal is to move directly into a full-time position in Fall 2013 in the greater Portland area. I will also continue to seek to teach courses at the college level, most likely adjuncting in the English Department of a local community college.

The application process has been overly long, complicated, redundant, and expensive. And it is not over yet. I need to be retested in subject matter (Oregon does not recognized the California CSET tests). I am currently taking two courses at the local College of the Redwoods to meet prerequisite requirements in Constitutional Law and in Developmental Psychology. One must be truly dedicated to becoming a teacher. Given how exhaustive and stringent this training process is, I am ill able to understand the so-called problem of hoards of “unqualified” or “bad” teachers in America. It’s not a career one simply falls into.

After a year of living in the rural isolation of Eureka, CA, I am very much looking forward to returning to a city. And Portland, OR, it is frequently asserted, has the best quality of living. I look forward to settling down, at long last.